Organic & Paid Social

I’ve grown client followings by at least 1.5 million followers, and achieved hundreds of millions of video views online. Here are some highlights:

Mission: JOY is a documentary about finding JOY in troubled times, with Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. I won Shorty Impact Awards for “Best Global Campaign” and “Best Use of Facebook” for my work marketing the film on social media. I also won Anthem Awards for “Best Social Channel” and “Best Awareness Campaign.” Aside from creating auxiliary content to promote the film, I leveraged paid ads to build a highly engaged audience of over 700k followers, promote the film’s Netflix launch, and acquire tens of thousands of users for the BIG JOY project.

Dream Flights: I produced over a dozen videos, and leveraged paid social ads to build a highly-engaged Facebook audience of over 100k fans. We activated this audience to locate 891 WWII veterans to honor with free Dream Flights during Operation September Freedom.

Fusion Comedy: I oversaw all social media launches to promote the linear TV specials – including the All Roast of Snoop Dogg, the All Def Movie Awards, Democracy Handbook with Bassem Youssef, the Trump VS Bernie Debate for America, and more. I leveraged my existing network of influencers to grow their Facebook page by over 100k followers. I also produced dozens of sketch comedy videos with comedians like Bassem Youssef, Dan Ilic, Jenny Yang, and more. Some of the videos were repackaged as the Fusion linear TV special, “Muslim Invasion with Bassem Youssef.”

The Second City: I helped launch The Second City’s YouTube channel and organically grew it to over 57 million views and 127k subscribers. Our videos with The Second City Network were featured on G4, Comedy Central, NBC Short Cuts, at SXSW, and screened at film festivals in over 40 cities around the world. Our hit series Sassy Gay Friend was an instant sensation, and led to a product placement deal with Mio. I also produced a rapid-reaction political sketch comedy show, The Partisans with Andy Cobb, which was featured on Rachel Maddow, All In with Chris Hayes, and many other news outlets.

Brave New Films: I organically doubled their audience from 250k to over 500k fans by creating topical memes and building a network of influencers to share their content. I also oversaw all video launches. We reached over 6 million Facebook users per week. Our Racism is Real series was featured in Time Magazine and the Washington Post.

Starburns Audio: I created over 100 audiograms to promote the network’s comedy podcasts. Talent includes: Patton Oswalt, Adam Conover, Amanda Seales, Gilbert Gottfried, Tim Robbins, Ms. Pat, Monet X Change, and more. I also created Instagram AR filters for several shows on the network.